Oscar Salazar Photo-Film | Fitness Photoshoot Outdoors North Jersey

Fitness Photoshoot Outdoors North Jersey

May 26, 2015  •  4 Comments

Last winter I had the opportunity to shoot a couple of personal trainers and fitness models in northern jersey area. This was a very intense and very cold photo shoot. We had to have a fast pace due to how cold it was, so it basically was "taking two shots and then she ran to her coat" and so forth. For these portraits the main goal was to create drama and to make their muscular definition to stand out. For the back light I used a color gel to war the ambient a bit. At the end of the shoot we laughed and had a great time, although the conditions weren't the best one. 



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Nice job with the lighting. I can imagine with the cold and snow that this was not an easy shoot. You can't tell that your subjects are in any discomfort from the photos. Nicely done.
Taneisha H.(non-registered)
I love the lighting in these images! You did a beautiful job. It's a very strong photo series.
Awesome fitness photos! They capture their strength perfectly!
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