Oscar Salazar Photo-Film | Northern New jersey Photography post production alterations

Northern New jersey Photography post production alterations

April 29, 2015  •  7 Comments

Here's an image I made of myself in the northern jersey area. Other than photography and film, my passion also is graphic design and visual effects. For this image I wanted to make a very unusual look, such as this:

For me to get to this final result took about 3 hours total. First, obviously was to take the images. There were two main: And then after that it was about getting textures that could make the effect of my neck twisted. First thing I did was to mask my faces and place it more or less on position:

After I made sure that the position and the size matches so that it looks "natural", I have to make color and lighting match so that they can blend and become one:


I also enhanced the brightness and the shadows so that the image pops a lot. Usually for this type of effect I like hyper enhancing light and dark so that it looks like "ultra hd" (I just made that one up). Since this is a fictional image, I also made my eyes and mouth bigger so that the expression stands out even more:



For the final touches I kept on enhancing the low-mid-high tones of the image and added some textures for the background so that it would add more drama to the image. After 3 hours of work. There's the final result one more time:


These types of project are nothing more than self fulfillment for me. I think of an effect that I would like to see myself into and I take it as a challenge. Not always it comes out the way I want it, but it's always very satisfying to make projects that are just for the fun.


This is so cool! Awesome design skills!
Anna Koko(non-registered)
Omg, Oscar this is awesome! Thanks for sharing! Something different and creative I see, finally!!!!!! :)
Now I gotta try that.
Great job!!!
You are so creative! I just love it.
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